Katie - Designer and Social Marketing Specialist


Design + Marketing

She's a mystical, majestic and unassuming creature imported from the deep jungles of Philadelphia that can't quite be defined. Is she a designer? A marketer? A social media mastermind? An industrial designer? A project manager? A photogr... We won't go on, you get the idea, and don't you worry, we use her for all that stuff and more. "Use" is probably not the right word though, because she loves all of it, and without us, we just don't think she'd feel quite complete. (Yes, we're patting ourselves on the back, thank you.) A ten speed is her only method transportation and she's way too into her dog, even occasionally missing a #beerfriday to go home and pretend she has enough control over that 40 lb. beast to walk him. Last but far from least, she's not afraid to try new things. Jon's already gotten her to try uni and chapulines for the first time on company outings. So yeah, we're pretty sure Katie's one of us and we're looking forward to her guest spot on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. (Ok, so that's not a real thing that's gonna happen yet, but our PR correspondent is working on it. Who's our PR correspondent? We'll give you a hint: her name starts with a K and Jon's about 6 feet taller than her. Tweet your answers to @sleeplessdesign. Who will respond to your tweet you ask? We'll give you three guesses.)

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