Why Waste Your Time With Search Engine Optimization?

Occasionally, we run across clients who have had a bad experience with search engine optimization, or know someone who has. While the details might differ, the story usually goes something like this: they heard about the incredible business potential of grabbing one of the top spots on Google, Yahoo, and Bing for their most important keywords. Then, they hired an expensive consultant, spent a lot of time researching “key phrases” and “page metrics,” and revised their company’s website endlessly… only to see no bottom-line effect.

So why even bother with search engine optimization all? After all, if you aren’t already established on Google and other major engines already, isn’t it just a waste of time trying to catch up to the competition?
We can promise you that it’s not. For one thing, search engine rankings are constantly evolving. You have to generate new content and ideas these days just to keep up. And even more importantly, the landscape is always changing – the keywords and phrases that are generating the highest profits today won’t necessarily be tomorrow. So long as you can think ahead and stay patient, there is always room for future profits.
The misconception that new clients have about search engine optimization isn’t that it works – it definitely does – but that it’s going to work quickly, or that there are shortcuts. Having a steady flow of new customers coming to you 24 hours a day from the major search engines is an advantage any company can use. But to make that happen, you have to stop thinking about it as a waste of time, and start considering it as a long-term marketing process.

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