1. You can get those updates done today.

Not next week, not tomorrow, not “as soon as we can get to it.” With a custom CMS for your website, you can log right in and make updates, changes, or additions to your site whenever you want to—not at the convenience of third-party web designer or webmaster.

2. A custom CMS means you are safe and secure.

Some big name content management systems tend to also be big name targets for hackers. When you think about it, this only makes sense—the more people using a particular CMS software solution, the bigger the pond is for the hackers who specialize in that area. On the other hand, with custom CMS, you can rest assured that you’re just a little fish in a big pond—not enough to attract the attention of mainstream hackers.

3. Your website will be much more flexible.

With CMS, you can add a new page or section your website, no problem at all. Compare this to the old-fashioned way of hand-coding the new pages for the section and then having to modify the entire navigation structure of the whole website to fit the new section in and you can see why the automation offered by quality CMS is an attractive benefit.

4. Make easy updates with no need for specialized (expensive) software.

With CMS, it’s just a matter of firing up your web browser, typing in your password, typing the changes to your content (just as if you were editing a word processing document on your computer), and finally, clicking the “Publish” button. That’s it…your updates or edits are now live on the web in 30 seconds.

5. The price is right.

No more $150/hour web designer fees just to change a few words on your site here and there. Enough said.

6. Content management is enabling.

When you’re in control and you can add new content to your website on a regular, ongoing basis, you’ll find that your web strategy will start to change in a very positive way. Being in control is enabling and encouraging—having meaningful impact on the quality and performance of your site.

7. A custom CMS is designed for your needs.

With a custom content management system, instead of a one-size-fits-all web software CMS solution, your web developer will take your exact needs into consideration and develop a strategic solution to make the entire process as simple, effective, and easy as possible for your exact needs. Any CMS is a good start—but a CMS custom built to your specs is ideal.

8. You can use a CMS to update multimedia.

Photos and videos need to be uploaded to your site? With CMS, that’s no problem. In fact, it’s just as easy as adding or editing written content. Point, click, publish, done.

9. You’re in control!

It’s kind of funny when design and ad agencies tell you they don’t do content management systems. What’s their motivation behind this—are they truly concerned that your message and branding will be messed up if you’re in control, or is it really more about the control (and billing potential) that they lose?

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