Clearing your browser cache when you use Safari as a web browser is a piece of cake. Today, we’ll take a look at the simple steps for both Safari for Mac and Safari for Windows. Please note, these steps do not represent Safari for iOS devices like iPad and iPhone…those are different steps altogether.

Clearing The Safari Browser Cache For Mac

Assuming you’re using the latest generation of Safari for your Mac, then the steps are simple:

1. With Safari open, on the menu bar under the dropdown labeled “Safari,” find and select the “Reset Safari” option.

2. A “Reset Safari” window will open. Here, you’ll want to check all of the options that you would like to be reset. Unless you have specific reasons to keep any certain data saved to your Safari cache, it’s probably a good idea to check all options listed. Next, select the “Reset” button at the bottom right.

An important note: There’s also an option in the Safari dropdown menu to “Empty Cache.” Once you’ve reset Safari using the steps above, it wouldn’t hurt to go ahead and select this “Empty Cache” option as an additional extra step, but doing this alone will not necessarily clear everything that needs to be cleared…only resetting will.

Clearing The Safari Browser Cache For Windows

Clearing Safari’s browser cache for the Windows version of Safari is simple as well, and very similar to the steps listed above for Mac. Here are the Windows steps:

1. In the upper right hand of the Safari browser window, select the gear icon for Settings.

2. In the drop down gear/settings menu, select the option labeled, “Reset Safari.”

3. In the “Reset Safari” window that opens, check all applicable checkboxes. Again, unless there is a specific reason not to clear any of these individual options, it’s best to just go ahead and check them all for best results. Finally, press the “Reset” button.

And that’s all there is to resetting Safari for Windows.

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