Shopify is, without doubt, the best ecommerce store solution among the variety of shopping cart software available online. If you are already using Shopify to host your ecommerce site, then you are in luck as you can also avail of Shopify’s built-in blogging engine.

Why do you need a blog on your site?

There are many benefits a blog can bring to an ecommerce website. It can improve customer interaction, educate your customers, enhance your visibility online, among others.

Shopify blogs provide content management, which lets users post articles on their ecommerce site. When you add a blog to your site, it will appear more personal to your customers. You can make announcements and talk about your products in greater detail. You can demonstrate your expertise by publishing informative articles and important content. You can also launch contests and promos through your blog.

Shopify also gives ecommerce site owners the option to allow readers to post comments on the blogs. As your customers engage in conversations on your site, potential leads may also be listening in. If the discussions are positive, then they will be more convinced to avail of your offerings. If, on the other hand, the conversations contain negative feedback, then you can use that information to make your product or service better. Use your blog as an effective tool to gather feedback and keep your finger on your target’s pulse.

Educate your customers through your blog

As you introduce new products on your ecommerce website, you can use the blog to educate your customers. Use it as your platform to inform your audience about the benefits of the products or services you sell. If you phrase your content creatively and convincingly, without sounding like a sales talk, this can generate loyal readership and convert them into customers.

Boosting up your credibility

As an online business, your credibility is your most important asset. A blog is a low-cost method to improve your credibility online. If you put up insightful content and publish relevant posts, your readers will eventually recognize you as an expert. In the long run, your site containing your well-written articles will become a reference point for discussions.

Improve your online ranking

Not only does using the Shopify blog allow you to connect to your customers, it also helps improve your online shop’s rankings among search engines. When people follow your blog on a regular basis, it creates traffic. Online traffic means great for your business. And when you combine regular traffic + great articles, you’ll be rewarded with excellent ranking by most s1earch engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

With your blog and ecommerce site all on Shopify, links to your posts will directly increase your site’s SEO strength. Compared to indexing various domains, search engines will be indexing relevant content from your posts under one domain if you have your blog integrated into your ecommerce site.

Social media also plays a role in this too. When your readers share your content through Facebook or recommend your services through Twitter, it will start a word of mouth about how good your product is. And if your blog is really awesome, it will become viral. You’ll have an excellent marketing platform FREE of charge!

Try this feature now on Shopify and see your online business’ growth in no time.

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