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It’s not about us; it’s about you. We’d rather stay in the shadows, creating work that will help you attract the kinds of customers you want, leaving your competitors wondering what happened. That’s our mission. However, the team you hire is important—we’ll be spending quite a bit of time together. It also just so happens to be how we’re going to justify this terribly ginormous about page. (Yes, ginormous is a real word, trust us, we Googled it.)

Our Story

We’ll be the first to admit it: we were a happy accident. Sleepless Media was hatched at the dawn of the century—the dark ages of the web. Animated gifs, blue hyperlinks and Internet Explorer dominated. Myspace lurked right around the next street corner. On a bender one night, the dot-com crash got a little too cozy with the total decline of the record industry. About nine months later, we popped out. We had no idea what kind of world we were getting ourselves into, but we knew we had mom’s design skills and dad’s street smarts. At first, we thought the two of them would work it out, but the pressure was too great and they ultimately left us in a basket on a cold winter doorstep, sleepless and hungry.

As luck would have it, we found an AOL free-trial CD-rom under the blankets, so we popped that sucka into the nearest translucent blueberry iMac drive and fired off a few emails. Before we knew it, we had more work than we could shake a stick at. We grew quickly out of necessity into a force to be reckoned with, and we’ve never looked back. Except of course, to write this meticulously accurate memoir.

Sleepless Media Design Team

Meet Our Team

We're super serious about our work, but ourselves? Nahhhh... Click our surprisingly good-looking™️ heads below to learn a bit more about each of us, but if you aren’t too fond of being on the outside of inside jokes, you may just want to keep scrolling past us while you’re ahead.

We're Located In The Heart of Santa Cruz California. It's Almost Too Convenient.

By the way, that's a stone's throw from Silicon Valley—if that kind of thing floats your boat. Speaking of boats, we can go to the beach and float one anytime we please—it's right down the street. Yes, we're trying to make you a little jealous.

Old Sash Mill Design Center Office Complex

We're Creatures Of Our Surroundings

We love where we live. We love where we work, and we've got a heavily used espresso machine. If you swing by, our door is open. We pick up the phone too, on purpose. Come on by!

Santa Cruz Web Design Office
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"Thou Shalt Not Partake Of Decaf."

If you're familiar with that quote, we're probably going to get along especially well, and if you haven't noticed, we like coffee. We make it right: dark and strong! Often in the form of an Americano. Come on down and we'll pull you some shots.

We Love Our Clients

After all, they could choose to work with anyone, and they choose us.

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