Frequently Asked Questions

If you're like most folks, you might have a lot of questions about us and what we do. Here are some of the most common.

How'd you come up with such an awesome name?

Because media never sleeps, nor does your website. And sometimes, the work we do doesn't allow us to. We work around the clock to assure that your design work is created in a timely and professional manner. Our founder Jon got the idea way back when he was doing web design for a record label and working late into the night, every night. Inspiration can come at any time of the day, but often late at night. Hence, our awesome name.

What's up with the rooster and the coffee?

Roosters and coffee: they both keep you awake (Sleepless, Get it?). Sometimes websites keep you awake too, but we try to shield our clients from that scenario! We don’t pull all-nighters like in our early days, instead we take pre-planned shifts, and they often involve plenty of caffeine. Jon also has an impressive barista background, so he’s serious about making coffee the right way (along with the rest of the staff). Living up in the mountains, he built a coop that's often referred to as the "chicken mansion." He keeps ducks, turkeys, and a few dozen chickens—with several roosters finding their way into the flock over the years. Not surprisingly, he's decided he likes the look of them better than the sound, so the rooster became part of our logo.

I could probably just build a website myself, but you know, I want to see what you guys would do.

Have fun with that, and we'll see you in about 1.5 years!

Can't you just use a template?

No thank you.

What is the weirdest site you've ever given a quote on?

The official Brittany Spears comeback website. Yep.

How much does a website cost?

A website costs as much as a car. Would you like a Mercedes or a Kia? Used or New? Seriously though, websites can be very complex projects, and we'll need all of the proper details to establish the proper scope and budget that fits your needs. Our quotes are then usually based on the amount of time the project will take at our current hourly rate. Please head on over to our Quote Form and we'll be happy to explore it with you and provide you with a proposal.

What are your last names?

Hey, you and us? We're on a first name basis.

What's sweatpantsing?

It's when you put sweatpants on to get nice and cozy, and hunch over your iPad into the wee hours of the night cyberspying on people, but they don't know you're doing it. Sweet right? Yay!

Are you hiring?

We’re always looking for new talent, especially local. But please take a look at our Jobs page to see if we have any immediate openings.

What's your coffee roaster of choice?

Good old fashioned Peets. #loyalty #strength #rocketfuel

What is a Unicorn?

It's something that doesn't exist. (In the web/design industry, someone who can take on and perform the tasks of a UX Designer/Architect, Visual Designer, developer and programmer.) Like we said: something that doesn't exist.

What is the weirdest site you've ever designed?

Truth be told, there are a good grip of those. However, a site that sold only one product, which were "Wild Horse Road Apples" in a "thick plastic bag" takes the cake. That was 2003. Yep.

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