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We thrive on variety, and believe design is much more than the look and feel, it’s a logical problem-solving process that should produce measurable results. With every project, we strive for the perfect balance of clarity, functionality, beauty and scalability. We wouldn't doubt it if you found us through a search engine, the same way people would easily find you if you hired us to build a shiny new site for your business. Perhaps you heard about us through good, old fashioned word-of-mouth from one of our many satisfied clients. Maybe you just clicked our link on the bottom of one of the hundreds of sites we've designed that struck your fancy. Whatever the case may be, we're glad you're here so we can tell you more about how we like to do things.

We're Passionate About Good Design.

Especially when it comes to websites.

Passionate about good website design

Developing cutting-edge websites isn't just our work, it's our passion; and it has been for over a 15 years now. We're website design-centric. We're focused on beautiful design, slick functionality and the branding that ties it all together. We believe we're the best option in the entire area, but don't take our word for it, ask our clients! We love working with local Santa Cruz businesses, but we also serve a large array of loyal clientele all over Silicon Valley, the San Francisco Bay Area, the Monterey Bay Area and the entire country for that matter. We pride ourselves on building the most beautiful, custom, effective and search-engine-friendly website solutions possible. We've found that the best way to build a website is by hand, with super close communication and strong relationships with each and every client. Are there easier ways to do things? Probably. Is that going to stop us? Nope. Our goal is to make sure every project we put together exceeds expectations and meets your overall business goals.

Experience. Our Cup Is Overflowing With It. Literally.

Hundreds of successful launches since 2003, (and counting).

When it comes to websites, we've pretty much seen and done it all. We've created or taken part in hundreds of website design projects. We've seen trends, styles and technologies come and go over the years, and we've always got an eye out for what's coming next. In other words, we know what we're doing. Would you choose a surgeon that's only operated a handful of times? We wouldn't. So when it comes to your website, an integral part of your business, would you trust a web designer that's only developed a handful of websites? We hope not. We don't just crank out the same website over and over either—our portfolio includes a wide range of industries, solutions, themes and styles. We design sites that are flexible, responsive and dynamic. We can bend ourselves into most any funky shape required to put together the best website possible for your business. So, are you ready to do this right the first time? We are.

Custom Web Designs, Carefully Tailored To Reach Your Target Customers.

Custom Tailored Web Site Design

Every website we produce is a unique design customized to best suit your business and your audience. We don't rely on cheap templates, or try to cut corners with buggy or questionable solutions. Your web presence will be 100% unique, scalable and user-friendly. We also offer recommendations on professional web hosting, email or overall IT needs.

We're Particular. In A Good Way.

We code the right way: by hand, one line at a time.

Beauty is much more than skin-deep when it comes to a web design—what's under the hood is just as important. The majority of our projects are hand-coded each and every time, ensuring the cleanest, most lightweight HTML/CSS code for your website. Every line of code is fine-tuned to make sure the website is as tight as possible, from top to bottom. The site we design for you will be fast loading, search-engine-friendly and cross-browser/cross-platform compatible. (Mac OS/Windows, Firefox, Safari, IE, Google Chrome, etc.) Virtually everyone using the internet will view your site properly, whether they're on a desktop, an iPhone, an iPad or Android device.

What about the backend? We specialize in building custom content management systems, and that's just what we do for most of the websites we create. We don't sell you on someone else's faulty, unsupported product like most other companies will. We produce a tailor-made system that works seamlessly with your site. We call it Sleepless CMS, and it will pay for itself, and fast. Edit your entire site yourself. No more webmaster maintenance bills! No more searching in forums for hours on end to find out what's wrong with your site. No bugs! Whether you just want to edit the news on your home page, or update every piece of text and image on your site, we can give you the tools to do so.

Come On In, Pull Up A Chair.

Let's do this the old fashioned way. We want to meet with you, and in fact, the more often the better! Good, hands-on collaboration is crucial for a successful project. You wouldn't believe how often new clients come to us with the same old story: “Our web developer disappeared on us, and doesn't return our calls.” We don't do that. In fact, we couldn't if we tried. Unlike a freelancer, we're here, day in, day out—not in our bedroom, but in an actual office location. Not surfing, not going for a hike, not screening our calls. And don't worry, you won't interrupt any ping-pong matches. We spend as much one-on-one time with our clients throughout each project as possible, and we've found it makes a huge difference. We know your project is very important to you, and we take that seriously. We love collaborating with our clients to bring their ideas to life and we take extra care with communication, setting the proper expectations, and providing thorough guidance for any given scenario. Time and time again, we invite the opportunity to challenge ourselves in our efforts to provide you with the most amazing website presence we can offer. That's what we're here for.

Work Locally. With Good Local People.

Hey, that's us!

We're more than just a local Santa Cruz web design company, we're also a family-run small business. Sleepless Media is owned and operated by Jon Cattivera and his wife Amanda, who have been living in the area all of their lives. Jon's was originally focused on doing most of the graphic/web design work on our projects personally over the years, and still oversees every single pixel as the Creative Director, while Amanda holds down the accounting and office management. But it's not just us, we have an amazing in-house staff to make sure every aspect of each project gets the attention it deserves. We know the ins-and-outs of running a small business, that it can be both difficult and rewarding, and we're here to serve as an extension of your business team.

If you're located in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, our Downtown Santa Cruz location is just a short drive away or a phone call (in the same time zone!). Almost all of our work is done in-house, and we meet face to face with our clients on a regular basis. Not based locally? No problem, we're well-versed at communicating and working on jobs remotely. We have many clients that are based across the US, Canada and all over the globe for that matter.

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