Katie - Designer and Social Marketing Specialist


Business Development

She's a mystical, majestic and unassuming creature imported from the deep jungles of Philadelphia that can't quite be defined. She's instrumental when it comes to new business, but she's also done quite a bit of damage as a graphic designer, a marketing coordinator and a project manager. In other words, she's well rounded and knows what she's talking about. A ten speed is her only method transportation and she's way too into her dog. She thinks that Jon doesn't know she brings him into the office when he's out—but she should know by now that his dog hair radar is far more keen than to miss that. Last but far from least, she's not afraid to try new things. We've already gotten her to try uni and chapulines for the first time on company outings. So yeah, we're pretty sure Katie's one of us and we're looking forward to her guest spot on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. (Ok, so that's not a real thing that's gonna happen yet, but our PR correspondent is working on it. Who's might handle our PR correspondence? We'll give you a hint: her name starts with a K and Jon's about 6 feet taller than her. Tweet your answers to @sleeplessdesign. Who might respond to your tweet you ask? We'll give you three guesses...)

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