Leslee - Developer



After mutually stalking each other for the better part of two years, the sharpest tools in the sky finally aligned and we were able to squeak Leslee into our humble little flock. Within mere weeks of joining the team, she had already noticed Jon moves furniture around at least once a day and wasted no time in calling him out on it. But seeing how this is an overly obvious observation, we’re not going to give her too much credit. This is probably where we should go into her expertise and tigress-like prowess in the visual design camp, but we don't want all of those highlights to compete with the ones in her hair, and that's some stiff competition. Let’s try and dig a bit deeper though...She likes orange, she wears over-the-ear headphones and while we haven't confirmed this quite yet, we have a sneaking suspicion she could drink us all under the table on a #beerfriday. Keep an eye on our Instagram feed because we intend to document the day it comes to fruition.


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