Michael - Graphic Designer



Ok, we need to tell you a secret: none of us really call him Michael. His name is Mikey but "Michael" just sounded more "professional" and we heard being professional is a thing so we thought we'd experiment. Back to Mikey though: with a grin like that, how could you go wrong? Oh, but there's more. Much more.

Not only is he the fastest web and print designer in the West, he's a maniacal cartoonist, illustrator and muralist. That's right, he'll use real paint and get busy on a 40 foot octopus on the wall of a brick building. I bet he even puts on an apron or a smock or something. We've managed to harness his painting skills in the office as well—who else would be better to patch up those old nail holes? Speaking of office upgrades, he also made the mistake of letting Jon know he does custom framing, so that's why we finally got some new wall art up.

What else? Oh yeah: his hair never has a day off and he's a savant-like drummer in about 32 bands, simultaneously giving soul singers across the world a run for their money in the cigarette-derived vocal department. Sometimes he forgets he's not on stage, which is indicative of what he considers a normal speaking volume. Maybe that's why he always sounds like he just woke up from a nap—but hey, it's in a good way so we're into it.

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