Nigel - Shopify and Wordpress Web Developer



When we hired Nigel, we learned that dudes with names on the rare side that start with N have the potential to be pretty cool, so when Nelson got in touch, how could we pass him up? Yeah, Jon tried calling him "Nelson the Man-dela" and quickly realized that it wasn't the first time he had heard it—so that's painfully off the table for now. We are however currently in the process of scheduling a naming brainstorming session to arrive on a truly perfect and original nickname, so we'll fill you in on the winner when we get there. We also have a sneaking suspicion that he thinks Jon is a complete idiot, but we kinda like that about him and prefer to just assume over knowing the actual truth. What does he do? He's our resident app developer and primarily a backend programmer, but he'll throw in some front end for good measure if that's more your bag. What's that you say? Why does he look like a model in his photo? Trust us, he doesn't look that good in real life, he's just way better than the rest of us at getting his photo taken. And yes, we're kind of pissed about that.

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