Nick - Project Manager


With years of experience as a full-stack developer, Nick incorporates those highly technical (and super boring) skills towards weight training and 3-minute handstands in the office lobby. We've never seen him eat anything but extra lean chicken and steamed "veggies," except for of course the 1-quart Ball jar of greenish brown sludge he inches through a chunk-filled straw every morning without fail. As an extra bonus, all of this also just so happens to be very beneficial when it comes to whipping our projects into tip top shape. Yep, he's a project manager in its finest form, bobbing and weaving through the intricacies and logistics involved in making sure our process is executed with a smooth and swift experience. For reasons not yet known, Nick is an obsessive calendar fiend with an obscene amount of task reminders and open Chrome browser tabs; Despite these resource hogs, he claims there's something seriously wrong with his brand new MacBook Pro (but we know it's really just that much slower because he's constantly streaming his own music on Soundcloud to artificially increase his "plays.") Speaking of, Nick's a way better musician than Jon, Reed and Michael, but he chooses to use that talent to make indecipherable sounds that he refers to as good electronic music. He even makes claims some people out there actually enjoy it and come to his shows.

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