Nigel - Shopify and Wordpress Web Developer



Nigel's name is Nigel. What else do you really need to know?! Ok, let's start with your burning question that he's never ever heard before in his life: "Is he English or something?" No, but we do agree that it would be rad if he had the accent and stuff. Unfortunately, he just sounds like a super cool dude from Santa Cruz. Dude is not to be confused with bro—he thankfully steers clear of that territory. Now on to the important stuff. For starters, he's into death metal or whatever kind of metal it is where their logos are all crazy and jagged and you can't read what it says. For a front end developer, he's way nicer than he should be and somehow keeps super calm and mellow even in stressful situations. Unlike some, he doesn't grunt and moan and get all #sighcentral on us when we've got to make some changes. He would not miss a #beerfriday if his life depended on it, but he's not only into health food, the guy can also put down a can of Guayaki Yerba Mate like it's going extinct. He sometimes grows a beard that has zero grey hairs to make Jon jealous. But to make up for it, he pretends that he likes Jon's band which is really cool of him.

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