4 Easy Ways To Boost Holiday Sales

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?

Make the most of holiday shopping season in these last remaining weeks. More and more people are shopping online every day, giving your ecommerce business a huge opportunity to the finish the year in style. 

The biggest thing to remember to do for your customers is make it easy! People can get overwhelmed in the frenzy of flash sales and special offers. Whether you’re on Shopify or not, consider a few of the following quick tips to help you stand out in all this merry mayhem.  

Provide Clear Shipping Information

Though buying for themselves may be a byproduct of the holiday shopping season, keep in mind people are shopping for friends and family. Shipping may be one of their main concerns. The gifts need to arrive on time and intact. If people are unsure if they can trust you with their tidings, they won’t buy from you. It’s as simple as snow. (Actually, now that I think of it, snow’s not that simple, take snowflakes for instance… Never mind, that’s another blog!) Be clear about arrival time, and if you cannot guarantee it, be transparent about that. The last thing you want is to put a damper on their spirits and your image right before the new year. You might wind up losing potential repeat business, or even worse – get a bad review.

Communicate clear deadlines as to when people need to purchase in order to ensure their items arrive by certain dates. To make it even more apparent and easy to read, list all the options. Be sure to include shipping method and whether the item is shipping within the US or internationally. As the business owner, this should cut down on having to answer customers’ questions on all the nitty gritty.

Always offer expedited shipping! This goes without saying. Admit it, everyone shops last minute.

Offer Incentives

Aside from just straight up sales, consider offering free shipping, a free gift with a purchase, or reward points to your loyalty program members. You can even grow your email list while you’re at it by offering a free gifts or discount code in exchange for signing up for your newsletter.  

47% of people make shopping decisions based on free shipping. If you can’t do that for them, you’ve gotta give ’em something. It doesn’t have to be big, but with so little time before the holiday, shoppers are banking on the fact that you’re going to offer them a little sumpin’. To encourage bigger orders and bulk purchases, you could give a discount on purchasing multiple items or a discount for customers when they spend over a certain amount. 

In the spirit of the holidays for goodness sakes, be thankful! Be sure to insert a thank you message after purchase or in their order confirmation email. Make sure to highlight how much they saved upon checkout too. Customers are spending a lot of money, so make sure they know you appreciate their business. Warming their hearts a little bit, along with incentives, will help them remember you.

One of the coolest thing about holiday gift giving is that while folks are exchanging gifts, they’re likely sitting together and sharing stories – perhaps about where and how they found a certain item. If you can be part of a good experience they had while shopping, they’re likely to tell their friends and family about you. It’s free marketing!

Spice Up Your Content

Shoppers buy when they’re in mood, so light the fire and bring out the holly. Don’t be afraid to decorate a little bit. Make a cozy header image with some text promoting your sale. Create a holiday e-newsletter or pop-up about your special offer. By the way, here are just a few Shopify Apps that will help you create a holiday themed popup quickly and easily.

The closer it gets to the holidays, the more urgent and snappy your messaging can be. Switch up your banners, your header text, and general messaging. It may seem obvious, but phrases like TODAY ONLY, 25% OFF UNTIL MIDNIGHT, DEAL LASTS FOR 1 HOUR are going to catch peoples’ attention.

Social Media Is The Best Holiday Party You Will Attend

Don’t underestimate the power of social media during the holidays. Take the opportunity to post few of those cheerful and artsy photos you’ve been hiding in your back pocket to Instagram. Post and share holiday events and other local businesses happenings on Facebook. Tweet engaging content and imagery, leveraging some no-brainer hashtags like #happyholidays, #seasonsgreeting or #holidaysales to increase your reach. The more in the spirit you are, the more your customers might be in the spirit to spend.

Facebook Ads are one of the most affordable and powerful forms of marketing these days. So check it out. Now is the time to try it if you haven’t already. You can even run a small contest for a free gift, which has potential to go viral.

It’s a beautiful sight.

Alright, so we’ve given you some insight and hung your stockings with care, so while visions of conversion rates dance in your head, you should be able to site back and watch the magic happen. Following these few simple tips, you’ll have made it crystal clear to your customers that you’ve got the best deals in town. We hope you see an increase in sales and are able to foster some brand loyalty in the new year!