The interesting thing about marketing on Facebook is that there are a lot of ways to get it right. Because sharing content is so effortless and largely driven by personality, interest, and humor, many different kinds of companies and marketers are profiting. They can successfully engage buyers, build a brand, and increase their credibility through the world’s largest social network, and do it more ways than one.

There is however, one surefire way to prevent yourself and your company from accomplishing any of these things. And, it’s an incredibly-common mistake that business owners make. So what is it that kills their Facebook marketing efforts? It’s simple. Going too far with personal details and opinions.

You have undoubtedly seen this phenomenon several times already today. In fact, there’s probably a person on your news feed who is a business owner, salesperson, or vendor who can’t stop sharing their personal political and religious views, or spreading jokes that offend some of their readers. Whether you agree with them or not, you probably understand that they aren’t changing anyone’s mind about anything even though they don’t stop trying.

If you were to ask these individuals why they are oversharing, they’d undoubtedly tell you that it’s their right to express themselves (and it is). But, what they fail to realize is that they might have users who are blocking them and not seeing their feeds because they don’t share the same views. And importantly, some of those blockers could be potential customers or clients.

Don’t take this advice to mean you can’t post anything that’s personal or risque on Facebook. Instead, follow these few tips to ensure you aren’t costing yourself customers…

Setup a Business Page and Use it as Such – there’s nothing wrong with sharing your personal views (along with family photos, etc.) in your personal account. On your business page though, you should be focused on your customers and your industry.

Think Twice Before Posting or Sharing – before you add something to your business page, ask yourself whether it’s relevant, and if it could be taken in a way that might offend someone and end up costing you sales opportunities. If you have doubts on either front, hold off before putting it online.

Be a Little Careful on Your Personal Page, Too – if we’ve learned anything in the social media age, it’s that anything you put online can eventually come to the public’s attention. Knowing that, you should take care to avoid posting anything to Facebook that could seem insensitive or inflammatory, since it might come back to haunt you later.

Following these few tips will ensure a boost in your Facebook marketing. While we live in a world where image is everything and too much sharing can negatively impact your business, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be yourself.  Please, we beg of you… be yourself and don’t take yourself too seriously. There’s nothing worse than reading dull, dry content. Just be conscientious and have fun!