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Renee’s Garden Seed Co. is a pioneer in specialty seeds. Founded in 1998, they’ve been bringing the best seeds to the market, including organic and heritage strains of seeds found nowhere else. The company was built with the aim of bringing quality products and gardening resources to the gardening community. Renee even goes to lengths of growing and testing the seeds in her own test gardens, cooking with them, and sharing recipes on the site.

There’s so much this website has to offer, our goal was to streamline the design, while equipping it with advanced customizations that allow Renee and her team to take advantage of some great features of Shopify. Curating related products, cross-referencing articles and products, and creating specialty collection pages are just a few of Shopify’s awesome capabilities.

We were able to give Renee’s Garden complete control of the site’s content with our custom CMS, while delivering a simple intuitive interface to the user. Whether they’re a retail shopper or a wholesaler, it’s easy to login and find exactly what they’re looking for or just browse through beautifully curated seed collections.

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