Shopify & eBay partnered just in time for the holidays and it's kind of a big deal


Just when you thought Shopify had officially outdone themselves… they did it again! Shopify & eBay just in time for Black Friday Cyber Monday to make sure you’re firing on all cylinders this holiday shopping season. 

eBay has pretty much ruled the roost of ecommerce well before any of us showed up, with a customer base of over 171 million to prove it! That’s 70 million more than all of Kim Kardashian’s followers… so yeah, it’s pretty huge. (No, we’re not Kardashian super fans, okay! When it comes to scaling internet popularity though, their numbers are, unfortunately, hard to beat).

And that’s only the half of it. With the new eBay sales channel, US merchants (selling in USD) can list and sell on eBay while managing inventory and fulfillment entirely through Shopify. You get all the perks of eBay, like setting unique prices and communicating with shoppers through the built-in messaging system (hopefully not all 171 million of them!), without even having to be on eBay! It all happens from Shopify. All you do is sync your product information in the eBay sales channel to create a new listing.

“But why bother?” you ask. “Why change things up when my current process is working just fine?”

Well, here’s why: besides having access to eBay’s enormous customer base and increased exposure to 171 million more customers, you’ll actually save time managing the entire product catalog for your online store, retail store, eBay listing etc. in one place. Why wouldn’t you want to expand your reach in selling products and services? Especially if you don’t have to deal with navigating two different arenas? It’s a pretty sweet deal. Shopify handles syncing everything for you, so your inventory remains consistent and updated across all active sales channels. Meaning, you’ll never run into a problem because you sold your last product to two people. And, as always, Shopify’s reports are impeccably thorough, giving you a visual breakdown of your top selling products and shipping costs including eBay orders.

They really think of everything, don’t they?!