A menu on Facebook

Social media has a major role in our present society. It’s something that we use for basically everything we do, everything we make and everything we want the world to see. For this reason, many businesses use social media websites to reach out to wider audiences. This is also why restaurants should post their menus on their social media accounts.

A Better Way to Share Your Menus to the Public

Aside from exposing your menu to as many people as possible, putting it on your social media website will also address the need for diners to know what they should expect from your restaurant. The menu is the foremost thing that customers want to look at when deciding on what to eat and where to dine.

Menus posted on social media also help spread the “word” about your restaurant, especially if it’s fairly new. Once people see what you have to offer (of course, your menu should be as creative as possible), they’ll want to tell their Facebook friends and Twitter followers about it. That’s free publicity for your restaurant!

Finally, with your menu on your social websites, it will be easy for customers to stay updated with what’s new about your dishes. Likewise, diners will be regularly informed if there are special offers, packages, value meals or discounts.

What Social Media Portals to Use?

There are numerous social websites that choosing just one is proving to be a difficult task. So, when choosing which one to use for your restaurant, the most important thing to consider is your purpose for creating a social media account.

  • Facebook: If you have a business page or a fan page on Facebook, it will be easy to post your restaurant’s menu. You can either upload a photo of your menu or simply type in the information on your status. Of course, people find photos more attractive and intriguing (especially those of mouthwatering dishes!), so it will be wiser to take a picture of the different food varieties you offer, add the menu info and then post it on your restaurant’s Facebook account. Be sure to share it to your friends so that they, in turn, can share the menu to their friends.
  • Twitter: Unlike Facebook, you won’t be able to post the entire menu, as you’re limited to the number of texts you can publish. In Twitter, you must be concise. Choose your words carefully and post a photo of your dish. For instance, you can tweet – “A delectable roasted beef in special sauce. In limited time only.” You can also link your website and Instagram menus.
  • Yelp: Through its partnership with Locu, a business data provider, Yelp now allows users to post menus. You’ll be able to post photos, descriptions and prices of your bestselling menu entrees.

You can also use apps like My Menu and OpenMenu as these will allow you to post menus on Facebook pages. The menu application, however, is not available for use on personal Facebook pages, which means your restaurant has to have a Facebook business page. You can, however, share the menu on your personal FB page.

Posting your restaurant’s menu on social media websites is the best way to satisfy your customers’ needs, while also helping your business gain mileage in terms of publicity.

Photo courtesy of avlxyz.