Anyone with a smartphone would know the frustration of viewing a website on his or her device that is not mobile responsive. It is annoying and inconvenient.

What is a mobile responsive website, anyway?

Mobile Responsive Website Defined

A mobile responsive site or simply called a responsive site is a website wherein its dimensions would adapt to the size of the device where it is viewed from.  This enables the viewer to conveniently view and read the website without having to pan, scroll or resize.  With mobile devices now as small as 1.9 inches and as large as 10.1 inches in diagonal size, it is imperative that in whatever device a person will view your site in, it is, in its simplest definition, conveniently viewable.

Here is a list of popular mobile brands, their latest devices, their sizes and relevant features that will affect viewing convenience (pardon us for being admittedly a Samsung and Apple fan):

Device                                      Diagonal Size (in)                Resolution

Samsung Galaxy S IV                       5                                       1080 x 1920

iPhone 5                                             4                                       640 x 1136

Apple iPad (3rd Gen)                        9.7                                     2048 x 1536

Samsung Galaxy Tab                       10.1                                   1280 x 800

iPad Mini                                          7.9                                     768 x 1024

Amazon Kindle Fire HD              8.9                                   1920 x 1200


Adaptability and responsiveness are not just life skills and organizational values, anymore. They pertain to technology, as well. Static is passé, irrelevant, and, in this fast changing world, expensive. Having a website that would not make it convenient for your customers and leads to read and navigate would cost you lots of potential revenue.

We would not delve too much on the algorithms and specific design for responsive sites. That is the realm of your website design team. It is suffice to say that it is a business must. Why?

Need to Adapt and be Responsive

With the exponential growth of the preference and use of mobile devices, it is just imperative for businesses to ensure that their most accessible marketing tool, their website, can be viewed by users of those mobile devices.

We are not talking about an insignificant number of people here.  A jaw-dropping 1.5 billion people are expected to have and use a smartphone or any other type of mobile device by the end of this year.

It is not just the sheer number of people who own smartphones and tablets that should compel a business owner to make their own website responsive, it is how and how often those mobile devices are used.  Reportedly, more than 80 million people, by the end of last year, use their mobile devices. A significant number of people (and that number is growing) are already using their mobile devices to access websites, as compared to using personal computers.

A huge amount of transactions are being done over those mobile devices amounting to trillions of dollars.

All these statistics are not difficult to believe. Just by observing your own browsing and consumer behavior, it is not preposterous to believe that people use their mobile devices more often nowadays not just to view websites but to purchase goods and services, as well.

With all these being said, are you, your business, and your website responsive?

Photos courtesy of European Parliament