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Ebike Essentials - Bafang USA Direct

The exclusive distributor in the USA for Bafang, the premier solution to convert a regular bike to an ebike. They are on a mission to provide high-quality electric bike parts to build and upgrade ebikes with an ever-knowledgeable, friendly, and responsive team of experts.
Built on Shopify
Not Just Another Homepage
Previously on Volusion, we were brought on to migrate them over to Shopify and build out a site that would not only grow their business but lessen the load when it comes to the degree of customer service resources that bleed time and money. They deck out bikes so they needed a decked-out homepage to exude the top-notch quality of their products and the level of service they pride themselves on. Video, illustration, product builder, animation, immersive photography—if you can dream it we helped to harness it.
Ebike Essentials - Homepage
Formerly known as Bafang USA Direct, they wanted their website revamp to coincide with a new moniker and a new visual identity to guide them into their next chapter. They landed with "Ebike Essentials" which alleviates any confusion and allows them the possibility of diversifying in the market. With a versatile mark and lockups, we developed a logo that will move their business forward.
Ebike Essentials - Logo
Essential Details
Video, 360 views, zoom features, collapsable content details, and a deep array of product variants—it's all there and organized in a way that's easy to take in with a quick path to checkout.
Ebike Essentials - PDP
Bikes Illustrated
To call it an icon pack would be a misnomer—the site's illustration work is a key part of its success.
Ebike Essentials - Icons
Choose Your Own Adventure
One of the largest and most complicated parts of the site was to build out a custom quiz that helps customers choose what's best for their needs and works for their bike. It's essentially a step-by-step product builder that's chock-full of illustrations with helpful tips that guide the user. Most of this had to happen on the phone which was binding up their customer service lines but now a lot of it can happen in an automated hands-off fashion.
Forward Mobility
Mobile was a challenge because of the complexity of their product variants. There are a lot of dependencies that make the buying process unique to them so we worked closely with their team to come up with a creative solution that was super solid on mobile as well as desktop.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Los Angeles, CA
Ebike Essentials - Mobile
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