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Noble is the go-to source for premium dental supplies at significant discounts. Trusted by thousands of dentists, their high level of customer service sets them apart from the rest of the pack.
Recently changing their name, the company needed new branding that would capture the perfect balance of high-end product offerings and discounted prices. For the logo, we went minimal and concise. A solid shield with a tooth silhouette not only instantly gives customers an idea of what industry they serve, but also signifies the strength of both their name and their brand.
Noble Dental - Branding
Web Design
Branding was actually the smaller part of a bigger project. Redesigning an ecommerce store of a huge catalog of products like this requires the time and strategy to get it right. We reviewed all of their live site's statistics, analytics, and user base to rely less on speculation, and more on concrete data. But the look and feel by no means took a back seat. We handled photography for them to eliminate the need for the same old stock images you'd see anywhere else. The color scheme we chose is easy to digest and instantly instills a feeling of trust.
Noble Dental Supplies Homepage
The site doesn't just shove products down a customer's throat. It's informative, outlining their history and ideals behind the company. Product pages also feature in-depth details with tabbed content areas that are simple to use. All built upon a custom ecommerce platform, we were in charge of the design and UX across the board, letting their development team stick their heads in the code to make it a reality.
Noble Dental Supplies Interior pages
Noble on Mobile
Ordering from a desk in your office? No problem. A tablet in your PJ's? You're good to go. Your phone in a waiting room? But of course.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Congers, NY
Noble Dental Supplies Mobile Tablet
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