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Orchard Keepers has been assisting hundreds of companies and families around the Bay Area to create and grow fruit orchards, edible and native gardens since 2004. They design and install backyard and corporate orchards, native plant gardens, and use a plethora of building skills to create bountiful and beautiful landscapes. Their creed is simple: healthy soil equals healthy plants, and beautiful spaces lead to happiness.
Nurturing Our Land & Food
A long-time client, we delivered a fully redesigned responsive website with a truly custom design packed with bespoke illustrations. Supported by a strategic backbone, every decision we made will help them to reach and inform a larger audience for their current range of services.
Orchard Keepers Homepage
Custom Icons
We illustrated custom icons for use throughout the site, setting a fun and playful tone that's totally unique to them.
Orchard Keepers Icons
Rooted In Sustainability
With torn edges and textured artwork, we dug deep to deliver Orchard Keepers with a site that breaks up rectangular monotony and supports their earthy offerings. Because their audience includes two main segments, consumers and students, we made sure the flow of the user-experience was conducive to both groups. Information pertinent to pruning, planting, and maintenance is instantly accessible site-wide.
Orchard Keepers Interiors
Mobile On The Go
Have you ever found yourself standing barefoot in your garden, doing a quick Google search to find out how to get rid of a new pest? If you're like us, you've experienced the feeling first hand! That’s one of the many reasons it was important that the Orchard Keepers website was fully optimized for mobile.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Santa Cruz, CA
Orchard Keepers Mobile
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