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Catering to a worldwide collective of car detailers and clean-freaks who like to keep their toys nice and shiny, Voodoo Ride’s brand has more under the hood than the competition. They’re not just a line of car care products—they're a way of thinking, they're a lifestyle, and they strive to be the best at what they do.
Designed for Shopify Plus
Ride with the Tribe
On a mission to more accurately showcase their brand as a community-oriented lifestyle, Voodoo contracted us to throw in the towel on their old site, rethink it from the ground up, and jump platforms to Shopify Plus.
Product Pages
An important goal for the redesign was to educate Voodoo's customers so a boring old product page with a blurb and a buy button just wouldn't do. We worked with them to deck out their product detail pages with feature meters, resources, videos, FAQs, and reviews—all easily editable by Voodoo's marketing team. They also have the functionality to cross-sell products on each detail page throughout the customer's journey.
Voodoo Ride Products
Icon Set
Voodoo's branding is strong and meant to stand out, so custom icons were the only way to go. Green, mean conversion machines.
Voodoo Ride - Icons
Photography & Animation
While Voodoo provided some great assets from the start, we put our photography skills to work so we'd have the right shots for the layouts we envisioned. When it came to adding animation, their logo acts as a loading screen while their banner video loads in the background. Throughout the site, we took every opportunity to liven up the customer journey with animated content that's smooth and tasteful.
Voodoo Ride - Product Photography
As always, the mobile layouts were fully optimized for load speed and the best user experience, undoubtedly increasing conversions on every device that's thrown at it.
pinHeadquartered in Industry, CA
Voodoo Ride - Mobile
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