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Shoppers spend a huge amount of downtime on their mobile devices; why not give them the option to browse your site and pop an item or two into their carts? In this day and age, if you are in the business of selling products, you can't afford not to have a website with e-commerce capabilities. Whether you are a small brick and mortar store around the corner, a mid-sized business looking to increase sales, or a large corporation looking for a high-end solution—you need an online shopping cart to serve your customers. Even if you aren't shipping a large amount of orders right away—your online store will serve as a catalog of what you have available. Many consumers may visit your website before they ever step into your store.

We're experts in the design and development of ecommerce storefronts optimized for mobile. With over a decade of experience, we've learned that you can't just rely on one cart solution—you have to approach each project by looking at the specifics of the functionality and find the absolute best shopping cart platform for the job. That's why we've become experts at several different e-commerce platforms.

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E-commerce design optimized for mobile devices

Certified Shopify Experts

We are very pleased to offer what we feel is one of the most elegant, simple and user-friendly ecommerce solutions around: Shopify. It's slick, it's PCI compliant, it's mobile-friendly, SEO-ready, and best of all, it helps you sell more products! Not only that, there are hundreds of apps that can be used to enhance its features and functionality. One of the other major benefits to using Shopify is that they offer unlimited technical support included within the monthly cost! Troubleshooting? Yes. Questions? Yes. Order Issues? Yes. App suggestions? Yes. Free upgrades with each version? Yes. 24/7? Yes!

Using Shopify is easy, but getting it setup and customized to best represent your business and your products is the hard part. That's where we come in—we're a certified "Shopify Expert" as listed on their website. We create custom Shopify design themes, handle all the setup and configuration, and help to train you and import products. So it's the best of both worlds. Shopify is there for basic support anytime, but we're also there for the long haul to help you with any design, consulting, customization and heavy-lifting along the way. Looking for an enterprise level solution? Don't worry, Shopify can accommodate that too with their "Plus" packages, for a fraction of the price of other solutions.

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You can find out more and check out demos and examples at

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Ok, so you've got some very complex ecommerce needs, and you don't want to have to rely on too many apps or pricey custom development - 3dCart may be the best fit out there. It's more complex than some solutions, but for good reason: it does a lot of heavy lifting for you, right out of the box! Yeah, there are apps too... but the true power of this ecommerce setup is how many layers of functionality are right there at your fingertips. Want to ship multiple products to multiple shipping addresses all in one order? It can do that! Need drop shipping functionality? Yep—it does that too.

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For more information and a full list of features, you can visit


Looking for benefits of a hosted ecommerce solution, without a ton of extremely well thought out and powerful features built right in? There's a good chance that BigCommerce is your answer. It's like they've magically gathered all of the important features that every client we've ever had has asked for, and stuffed them all into their cutting edge ecommerce platform. I mean, they really put some thought into it. You want to do wholesale? Sure. Order quantity minimums/maximums? No worries. Real-time shipping with all the major carriers? C'mon, of course!

It's super easy to use as the store owner, and from our perspective, they give us a lot of control to fully customize it based on the design we put together for you. The best part? BigCommerce offers some goodl solid support when it comes to a hosted ecommerce solution. That means good support for us, and great support for you. It's a win win.

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Want to know more about the features and see some examples? Visit

Looking To Migrate From An osCommerce Or oscMax Shopping Cart?

We are also experts with the free, popular, open-source cart known as osCommerce. After all, we used it for the better part of 10 years, and it did us well. However, we're smart enough to know when it's time to throw in the towel, so it's no longer modern enough to be something we'd recommend.

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If you're looking for help moving your existing osCommerce-based cart to a new platform, get in touch. We're doing a lot of that these days!

Custom Ecommerce Solutions

Custom e-commerce solutions

Many sites don't fit the mold of your run-of-the-mill prepackaged shopping carts, or the features they do need are so custom that it doesn't make sense. Whether you want to offer online registration, or have a unique vision of how you would like to do business online, we can develop a custom ecommerce solution that will work perfectly. We program exclusively using PHP/MySQL and everything in your custom cart can be easily edited and expanded upon. Your site will be secured using SSL Security Certificate Encryption, and will have a custom administration interface to manage your products, content, members and orders. and Paypal are our go-to payment gateway solutions, and we can also implement real-time shipping rates with USPS, UPS and FedEx. Sky's the limit!

Worried About The Little Things?

Don't be. We know this could be all new to you, so we help you every step of the way, no matter which solution is the best fit. We offer and install SSL certificates for secure order encryption, help you set up your payment gateway(s), and can recommend a good internet merchant account if you need one. In other words, we'll cover it all and make sure you understand what's necessary from top to bottom.

To learn more, we'd recommend visiting the e-commerce category of our blog where we go into even more detail about e-commerce shopping carts and taking money online in general. You can also visit our eCommerce web design portfolio for examples of some of our work.

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