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Shopify Plus is an integrated enterprise solution with enhanced support and dedicated account management. No matter what size your online store may be, or who your client base is comprised of, Shopify Plus can handle it. Whether it’s Black Friday, a huge flash sale, or an unusually high order volume, we'll set you up for success.

We Help Brands Migrate to Shopify Plus

Whether you’re looking to migrate from Magento Enterprise, Bigcommerce, Volusion or other popular ecommerce platforms to Shopify Plus—we can help you make the switch, and fast. Shopify Plus gives you all of the strength you need to run your high volume store, so let us help you get up and running so you can start selling.

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Focus On Growth With A Worry-Free Infrastructure

You've got bigger things to worry about than whether or not your site's going to go down. You'll never have to worry about your store's IT. Shopify Plus's true SaaS scalability keeps things fast, secure and stable, even if you're getting thousands of orders per minute. To top it all off, Shopify Plus features a white-glove level of service for brands that run fast-paced, high-volume businesses. You'll have a dedicated support manager that both your team and ours can rely on for an unsurpassed level of service and support.

Custom Design & Development

Let our expert designers and developers create your shiny new online store. Not sure if Shopify has everything you need? We’d love the opportunity to change your mind.


Coming from Magento Enterprise? Bigcommerce? Volusion? We'll help you migrate from pretty much any other platforms over to Shopify Plus. We'll also help you decide on just what to migrate, and why.

Managing Growth

Business on the upswing? Have constant questions that need answers fast? Take solace in Shopify’s around-the-clock support, and its innate ability to process thousands of orders a minute.

Maximizing The Capabilities Of Shopify Plus

Hand-selected by Shopify as an authorized Plus Partner out of a few dozen in the world, we're dedicated to the power of the platform and work closely with the Shopify Plus team to maximize its capabilities. Just a few of those awesome capabilities are listed here.

Seamless Execution

About to launch a new product or campaign that will hike up demand? Need a stable and reliable platform that will perform well in your finest hour? Shopify Plus is equipped to handle your next flash sale or special event that may cause high-volume.

Zero Transaction Fees

Unlike standard Shopify implementations, Plus allows you to use any third-party payment gateway you wish, with zero extra transaction fees on top. payments apply 0% transaction fees.

Use Any Payment Gateway You Like

Shopify integrates with over 70 payment gateways to accept credit cards from all over the world. Just a few of them of note: PayPal, Stripe,, First Data, BrainTree, and Paymill.

Customized Checkout

With Plus, we're able to fully customize your customer's checkout experience from top to bottom. We can add custom fields, override text and fully customize the entire look and feel.

Dedicated SSL Support

Customers will have the ability to check out on your own domain as opposed to being redirected to the Shopify checkout url. Customers can feel even more secure about placing orders on your site, without it looking like the typical Shopify checkout page.

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Enterprise Commerce Reinvented

Account Management

Once you sign up for Shopify Plus, you also sign up for your very own Merchant Success Manager who maintains communication with you as your business needs grow. We work with them to help make your online store a powerhouse.

Advanced API

RESTful API allows integration with third party services, which will give you more control of your storefront. There's even additional APIs we can unlock that will increase API call limits, allowing for infrequent bursts of calls and ultimately unlimited amount of calls over time.

Project Management

Your also aquire a Project Manager when you join Shopify Plus, which can help scope your project and source expert talent like us. That project manager will continue to be there to help you make smooth upgrades including design, theme updates and ERP/CRM connections.

Early Access to New Features

Shopify Plus enables you to gain advanced access to Shopify’s latest features. Ecommerce is the future of business and Shopify wants to help your business hear about platform innovations before everyone else.

Top Level SSL Checkout

Now when your customer goes to check out, they'll no longer have to leave your site and wind up on some funky interface that doesn't jive with yours. If that doesn't make someone wary of entering their credit card information, we don't know what does. Custom SSL certificates allow you to bypass that.

Dedicated Priority Support

You deserve it. With Shopify Plus, you get dedicated support, uncluding a phone number only for your use and an email address for emergencies, ya know, that time-sensitive, just-gotta-get-it-done type of stuff.

What Shopify Plus Offers You


Got a thirdbparty enterprise resource planning suite in mind you want to use? The Shopify API allows seamless connection to SAP, Microsoft Dynamics™, Netsuite™, Sage™ and more. Don’t have one yet but thinking it may be a solution that you need? We’ll help you find the best connector for your company.

Multichannel Sales

Sometimes you’re not just selling through your online store, but you’re selling through retail, pop-up shops, other online marketplaces, social media, within apps, and more. Hours spent organizing and synchronizing are a thing of the past with Shopify’s simple, unified platform, which can be used sell your products in all of your different sales channels.

Custom Fulfillment

Shopify plus customers already get built in fulfillment support by companies like Amazon, Webgistix and Shipwire. If that’s not enough, Shopify’s powerful built-in API provides the ability to create a custom fulfillment app that will solve whatever fulfillment needs you have.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Lightning fast! Shopifies vast web of servers around the world creates speedy connections so your customers aren’t kept waiting. Shopify was a pioneer, as one of the first hosted ecommerce solutions out there to offer a CDN.


Shopify's Got It On Lock

Shopify Plus takes care of security so you don’t have to. Plus is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, and they complete annual on-site compliance assessments and upkeep continuous risk management.

Quit Paying for Bandwith

Never pay for Bandwidth or Rack again. IT hardware and labor costs are driven down by Shopify’s highly distributed, full-featured platform. Costs are a fraction of what traditional infrastructure expenses amount to.

Sleep Easy

The availability for people to access your site is never a worry. Shopify’s got dedicated operations specialists dedicated to your store. You no longer have to depend on a single-instance server. Multiclustered database servers can withstand the craziest of conditions.

Upgrades Without Interruption

Shopify helps you stay current without even realizing it. Shopify is always adding new features and functionality, and updates will happen behind the scenes to you don’t have to take a second away from focusing on your business.

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