Jules Sleepless Media

Southern charm with just a sprinkle of NYC grit.

While formerly referred to as “Pinkie” behind her back, she normally steers clear of the pink stuff in her design work. She's kind of got a punk rock look going on…if punk rock is having wild hair and listening to hours of comedy and true crime podcasts. Just be careful interrupting her while her headphones are on. Jon has learned pulling her out of the zone can make her a little grumpy. But, honestly, she's not so bad, she just wants to get back to her happy-design-place.
Jules is the real deal. With a bachelor in fine arts and a major in graphic design, she isn't your average designer; she's a passionate artist and versatile juggernaut that moves at the speed of light. Whether she's designing logos, creating in-depth illustrations, or effortlessly crafting a website, she's all in. Experience? She's worked as a Graphic Designer at a national advertising agency, the Lead Creative at a magazine publisher, and Creative Director of her own design studio, to name a few. We trust her to stay on top of some of our most complex projects, and she's never missed a deadline — not even close.
Branding and Style Guides
Drawing and Lettering
Staying on top of projects
Using exclamation points in emails
Photo assisting
Making lists
Laser-cutting at the Fab Lab
Watercolor painting
Dogs and any pygmy animal
The local art scene
Making TV or movie references
Indian food
Probably Listening too Loudly toopen/close
Plenty o' podcasts
Tiger & Woods
F**k Buttons
LCD Soundsystem
Carly Rae Jepsen
Whatever's leaking out of Junior's headphones