Account Manager
Keli Sleepless Media

Though she be but little, she is fierce.

Keli is our resident no-nonsense east coast Italian from the heart of New Jersey. She's got a taste for the...peculiar... things in life like poodles (and any kind of doodle) and enjoys intellectual debates on anything from Marxist feminism to why the peanut butter snickers are the superior variety. She's usually the first one to pick up the phone, so if you call our office, don't mess up. She keeps a pair of brass knuckles in the back pocket of her mom jeans and has been known to pull them out from time to time — she just wants you to see them so you know who you're dealing with. After all, she is the first line of defense and she'd rather go back to New Jersey than fail to protect our flock from the onslaught of solicitors calling in or the questionable walk-ins we get from time to time. Don't be too scared though, behind those brass knuckles she's actually a big softy.

Jon and Keli bonded over the likely possibility that they have mutual connections in the Motherland, so he basically hired her on the spot despite her not having any formal training in design. But we didn't just pull Keli of the streets, and that's why she didn't like the first iteration of her bio. The truth is that she's just an all around great person with an impeccable work ethic that's fun to hang out with. With an MA from NYU in Media, Culture, and Communication there's not much she can't do, which is what makes her such a great Account Manager in the media-related arena. She gets back to clients way too fast and can't let a task slip through the cracks to save her life. Keli makes the office a warm and welcome place to be, and I don't think we could ask for much better. (Even if she does forget to turn on the music—every, single, day).
Writing long emails
Getting the best snacks
Making our clients happy
Making our developers angry
Probably Listening too Loudly Toopen/close
Lo-fi beats
Electronic jam
The Talking Heads
Ariana Grande (at volumes no one can else can hear)
Has Been Known to Binge Watchopen/close
Every single Real Housewives franchise ever made
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Long boring lectures on youtube
Sunsets. She binge watches sunsets like no ones business.
Peanut Butter Snicker Thieving