Art Director

Her dad jokes will blow you away, like on the reg.

Yeah, she’s a kinda new mom, but she specializes in dad-like jokes, except way less funny. Her demeanor's akin to a wacky grandma trapped in a young woman’s body. She’s got two cats at home named Little Man and Little Sh*t (the latter gets a bit awkward when she has to take them to the vet). Fortunately, she upped her naming game for her first child.

She’s a real designer’s designer, often drawing out designs with actual pencil and pen on paper before uploading them into the sea of the digital world. She’s very modest when it comes to her design chops, though we think she secretly knows she's awesome, which makes her all the more likable.
Noticing when Jon rearranges furniture
Taking a whipping from a leaf blower
Posing serious for her headshot
Layout & Hierarchy
Being too nice
Pixel Perfectionism
Laughing way too hard at bad jokes
UI Design
Organizing Mikey’s files
Art Direction
Swimming with fish
Drinking beer at beer fridays
Beating you at cornhole
Beating Jon at cornhole
Going into the matrix of her headphones
Bleaching things blonde
Learning that ducks lay eggs
Probably Listening too loudly toopen/close
Her baby crying
A playlist of music no one knows about
The seagulls on the roof
Jon's sound effects
Baby white noise machines
Leaf blowers
Crying babies
Babies in the middle of the night