Matt Sleepless Media

He uses the word "Ma'am" and calls Jon "Boss".

Alright ya’ll, let’s start with a disclaimer: you have to cut Matt some slack, he's from Georgia. When you ask him what city, he responds with “Not Atlanta”, which is the funniest joke we’ve heard from him so far. Actually, it may be the only joke come to think of it. If he looks like he’s into Dungeons & Dragons, you’re right — he even tried to get the rest of the team to start up a group (no, no one signed up, but trust us, Junior's totally into it, but he didn’t want anyone else to know). He used to be a high school English teacher but he decided to switch career paths, one that better associates with the D&D culture: a web developer. On his job search, he came across our job post and saw how many typos we had on our site, so he knew his English skills would come in handy. He’s settled in quite nicely, except for the fact that he thought it would be a good idea to bring in a Keurig when we have an awesome espresso machine. So yeah, he’ll be the first one to go in an economic downturn.
Matt’s a big teddy bear — he’s got a southern drawl and is almost overbearingly polite. Ma’am? Yeah, he uses it. Y'all? Yeah, he says that too. He’s been a great asset to the team in both development for ongoing projects and technical writing, busting out more blogs than we can publish. He’s also become a QA master, finding all the little things and making sure our sites have all the SEO bases covered. 301 redirects? He’ll knock those out like a heatseeking missile. His determination and will to succeed in everything he does is something that’s impossible to miss.

P.S. He proofread everyone’s bio, so if you find something amiss, please blame him.
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