Senior Designer
Michael Sleepless Media

Once accurately described by a client as "zany"

With a face like that, how could you go wrong? Oh, but there's more. Much more. He's one of the best designers in at least 5.4 square miles, as well as a maniacal cartoonist, illustrator, and muralist. That's right, he'll use real paint and get busy on the sides of buildings or whatever. I bet he even puts on an apron or a smock or something. We've managed to harness his painting skills in the office as well — who else would be better to patch up those old nail holes?

He's also a kinda-okay drummer in about 32 bands around town. Sometimes he forgets he's not on stage, which is indicative of what he considers a normal speaking volume.
One of our senior designers, Mikey's been with us for years now and it's hard to imagine where we'd be without his contributions and creativity. After 6 years of collaborating with clients both globally and locally as a freelancer, and serving as the Lead Designer at a start-up, we were lucky enough to be hiring when he was on the hunt for a position.

Whether he's designing the UX for a huge website, meeting with clients, illustrating detailed icons, or designing a logo, he makes it look easy. He never lets his ego get in the way, is great at taking feedback, and is always looking for ways to make everything better. He's just a positive and super talented dude in too many ways to count; we love this guy, and you will too.
Illustrator & Photoshop
Logo Design
UI/UX Web Design
Painting Murals
Making Pizza from Scratch
Making Burritos
Being A Music Snob
Playing Drums
Playing Piano
Making Bread (Literally)
Probably Listening too Loudly toopen/close
Himself Talking
Any Music Recorded Before 1975
Dad Rock
Hippie Music
Stuff You Should Know
Has Been Known To Binge Watchopen/close
Black Mirror
Parts Unknown