Project Manager
Nick Sleepless Media

If he's not at Ross, he's probably eating your snacks.

See those killer rainbow shades in his photo? He wears them, for real, like, each and every day. A full-stack developer in his sordid past, Nick incorporates his highly technical (and super boring) skills towards leaving a few pitiful crumbs in every chip bag and cracker box in the cupboard, but not having the courtesy to throw them away. Ross? Yeah, he exclusively shops there.

He also claims there's something seriously wrong with his brand new MacBook Pro, but we know it's really just running slow because he's constantly streaming his own "music" on Soundcloud to artificially increase his "plays.” Speaking of playing, Nick's a DJ by night and even claims people attend his never-on-the-weekend, way-past-your-bedtime shows. Follow him on Instagram @DJsplayshows or his personal account @snackmastercrumbsalot.
It’s hard not to like Nick; we love him and so do our clients. He’s a huge part of our success and one of the most solid and trustworthy people you could ever have the pleasure to work with. With a degree in computer science from UCSC, his previous agency experience includes developing sites for Fortune 500 clients such as Hyundai, eBay, and Nike. He even ran his own tech start-up. Nick’s versatile skill set makes for a Project Manager in its finest form, keeping things low stress, communicative, on-time, and on-budget. His background allows him to navigate even the most technical challenges, so you’re in good hands (even if they kinda smell like generic Nacho Cheese Doritos).
Adding calendar items
Eating snacks
Managing projects
Leaving crumbs everywhere
Shopping exclusively at Ross
Going to Ross
Eating snacks
Boiled chicken
Electronic music
DJ'ing or whatever
Thinking his sunglasses look good
Probably Listening too Loudly toopen/close
His own music on Soundcloud
His own music on iTunes
His own music on Spotify
A live recording of a "show he played"
His jaw gnawing on snacks