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Carrie is a Santa Cruz based karma coach, medium and healer. She is a spiritual guide and runs a professional practice that benefits many by bringing joy and meaning into their lives. She hosts sessions which clients can sign up for through her website. She also wrote "The Great Book of Karma" which in cludes Carrie’s wisdom from over ten years of working as a medium.

Screen displays of Carrie Arlah Medium website,

So, What Did We Do Exactly?

Carrie's site was in need of an entire overhaul. We created a beautiful new place for her business to call home on the very versatile Wordpress platform. Carrie can easily edit and add content, video, blog posts, which helps her stay connected to her audience. Scheduling these sessions online through her site is also now easier than ever.

  • Web Design
  • Mobile
  • Branding
  • Photography

Logo Design

Along with Carries new website, we noticed that her logo was in need of attention as well. We knew it had to be something clean and graceful that would reflect her business and personality. We designed a logo that has a handwritten look, loosely based on Carrie's own signature.

Dark Carrie Arlah Logo
Light Carrie Arlah Logo

Logo Exploration

We created many iterations of this handwritten wordmark. We explored different letterforms, weights and sizes, until we landed on something that worked harmoniously with Carrie's last name and works well with the aesthetic of Carrie's new site.

Carrie Arlah Logo Exploration

Custom Web Design + Wordpress

Carrie takes such care in what she does, we wanted to honor each section of her site with that same level of care. Aside from key features such as promoting her book and her sessions, we sprinkled the site with beautiful photography and bits of poetic text. We also featured testimonioals, developed a custom blog layout, and made it easy to link to Carrie's social media sites.

Carrie Arlah homepage design

Gracefully Responsive

We created a site that scales down beautifully and fluidly across devices. Viewers can explore and learn more about Carrie's business, book a session, buy the book, and read her blog easily whether they're on a desktop computer, phone or tablet.

Carrie Arlah Responsive Layout

Launch Project
  • Location: Santa Cruz, California
  • Project Type: Logo & Website
  • Platform: WordPress
  • Industry: Health
  • Launched: March 2016

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