Restoring An Age-Old Craft

el Salchichero provides delicious, top quality local meats that connect you to your community through healthy and mindful eating. They're helping to revive the lost art of local butchery and charcuterie. We've been huge fans since they opened up, so we reveled in the chance to work with their brand as their business continues to grow.

Screen displays of the El Salchichero website,

So, What Did We Do Exactly?

We started by redesigning their brand identity then followed it up with a complete website redesign and content rewrite. Because they were looking to sell their products online in the near future, we cut to the chase and built it all within the Shopify ecommerce platform.

  • Web Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Iconography
  • Content Strategy
El Salchichero Handcrafted Charcuterie

Logo Design

Wordmark + Icon + Emblem

el Salchichero came to us looking to rebrand themselves with a more versatile visual identity. Built around their pre-existing typeface, we collaborated with them to create an emblem encompassing multiple elements that can be used in different formats depending on their needs. The result is a dark yet playful feel with a timeless look for their age-old techniques.

Simple Light El Salchichero Logo
Simple Dark El Salchichero Logo

Emblem Design

El Salchichero e-commerce web design

Logo Exploration

The team at el Salchichero represent what they do with integrity and respect for both the animals and the environment. The process naturally evolved into an emblem that reflects the way they promote healthy and mindful eating. As one of the most well known butchers in the area, it was also important that the logo spoke to their love for the community.

El Salchichero Logo Exploration El Salchichero Logo Exploration
El Salchichero Handcrafted Charcuterie

Responsive Website Design

We harnessed the power of the Shopify back end to make it easy for them to maintain the content of the entire site. When they choose to make their products available for ordering online, it’ll be a simple transition, keeping everything on the same domain name and all within the same platform.

El Salchichero homepage design

Bringing home the bacon. Breaking out the Butchers.

We encouraged them to highlight each of their fine butchers and crew members that are working hard to keep the old traditions alive. We interviewed each staff member and wrote up the bios for each of them to showcase their passion.

El Salchichero homepage design


We created a set of custom icons for use throughout the website to help support their unique style and harmonize with their overall brand experience while retaining a playful spirit.

El Salchichero homepage design

Taming The Mobile Beast

We designed a site that's completely mobile responsive so you can browse and shop for meats on the go. It's optimized for retina so it also shows up crisp and clear on all high resolution displays.

El Salchichero Responsive Layout
  • Location: Santa Cruz, California
  • Project Type: Logo & Web Design
  • Platform: Shopify
  • Industry: Butchers, Food & Grocery
  • Launched: December 2015

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