Blazing a Trail Sights, sounds, trails, food, wine, and fun—the historic Santa Cruz Mountains have a lot to offer, but they've never had a proper online destination for visitors and locals to get a bird's eye view, until now.
field of flowers
Branding & Website We're of course huge fans of the peaks and valleys that surround us, and some of us live up in those there hills—so the opportunity to work on the project was close to our hearts, to say the least. We kicked things off with the organization's logo, went on to design the WordPress-powered website, and fleshed out the rest of the visuals with custom illustrations and photography.
Logo Design Logo Design
Web Design Web Design
Photography Photography
Iconography Iconography
Santa Cruz Mountains Logo
Rockin' In The Free World Yeah, there's a reason Neil Young bought one thousand acres in the Santa Cruz Mountains where he penned many of his most famous songs—it's a beautiful, serene place and it's close to just about everything you'd want to see and do. We designed the website to be more than just a visitor's directory. It's chalk-full of culture, articles and an experience worthy of the domain it calls home.
White Wild Roots logo on dark background
White Wild Roots logo on dark background
tablet Computer and phone with website open
Illustrated Icons The icons we created harmonize with the illustrated style of their logo, but also help break up what would otherwise be mostly text and photos. They're natural queues to users, signifying the categories each content element relates to.
Branded Collateral Our goal with the logo was to encompass the area within the mark, without trying to squeeze too much into it. It also needed to work great across all mediums, and we worked with them to make sure it'd look just as great large on the back of a t-shirt as it would be nestled into the header of the website. For the business cards, we went with a circle on it so it won't get lost in a stack of rectangles.
Santa Cruz Mountains business cards
The Hills Have Eyes Well, now they do at least, thanks to the photography we were fortunate enough to work with them on. After all, what's better than driving through some country roads and snapping some shots?
Santa Cruz Mountains business cards
  • Location: Santa Cruz, Califorina
  • Project Type: Branding + Website
  • Platform: WordPress
  • Industry: Tourism
  • Launched: May 2018

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