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Tepui is the trusted leader in rooftop tents and adventure gear for those who seek exploration without boundaries. Their hometown of Santa Cruz California is an embarrassment of riches when it comes to outdoor activities, so it’s no wonder Tepui has been inspired to create innovative products that are trusted worldwide. They don’t just make their products, they live them.

Shopify Plus Ecommerce Platform
Tepui Tents Shopify Plus Design

The Challenge

Hot on the heels of a complete rebrand, Tepui was more than ready for a modern site that would fully encompass their culture and the cult-like following that grew organically. They approached us in the midst of weighing the options of different enterprise-level ecommerce platforms. Already on Shopify, we assured them that staying on the platform and moving to Shopify Plus was the only way to rain-fly. Before long, we were laying down a tarp and pounding our stakes into a complete redesign from top to bottom.

  • Web Design
  • Mobile
  • Shopify Plus
  • Iconography
Tepui Outdoor Sports Equipment

Thinking Outside The Icon.

If you're an outdoor icon, you might need...hmm...let me think. Oh yeah: some rugged outdoor icons that perfectly complement your brand—so viola! But to assume illustrations of this nature are just another bell or whistle would be a disservice; they're vital visual queues, aiding in effortless navigation and breaking up text-heavy elements.

Tepui Tents custom illustrations Tepui Tents custome illustrations

Pack It Up. Pack It In.

To say the Tepui website is big would be an understatement. It's giant and politely packed with awesome features. In all its grandeur, the entire site is still neatly housed 100% within the almighty Shopify Plus platform. The custom functionality is vast, and they didn't have to sacrifice editability. They can update and manage most everything via the customized admin panel features we implemented.

screen displays of Tepui Web Site

Pitched Perfect.

Rooftop tents, and most outdoor equipment are a complex matter. Dimensions, material, style, options and overall specifications are all of the utmost importance when buying products of this nature online, sight unseen. Tepui's offerings don't just fit in any ol' box, so we got to work on the ideal custom interface. Each color can be viewed from each different angle, swapping the product photos on command. We also incorporated a way for customers to send photos of their adventures using the product, which Tepui can then post directly on the page to show real customer experiences.

Interior UX design for tepuitents.com

Did You Hear About Our Camping Trip?

Let's just say it was in-tents. Super in-tents bro. Don't pretend you totally abandon your phone when you're out on the range. We'd be willing to be it's still hanging out right in your vicinity. So naturally, the Tepui site needed to be designed and optimized for their extremely mobile customers. We refined the architecture until we determined the perfect balance of discovery and flow to engage and inform buying decisions.

Optimized for Mobile
  • Location: Santa Cruz, CA
  • Project Type: Web Design & Development
  • Platform: Shopify Plus
  • Industry: Camping and Outdoor Adventure Sports
  • Launched: February 2018

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