Know Your Roots For Wild Roots, organic's not just a buzz word, it's their passion. This grocery market cares deeply about the land and the food it gifts us, and understand that the choices we make for our families today, help shape the future they'll live in tomorrow.
Wild Roots Market Building
Branding From the Ground Up Formerly part of a larger chain of markets, these two locations in the Santa Cruz Mountains were looking to break away from the rest of the pack. Independently owned, it was due time to bring their hometown roots to light with a full rebrand. We had the opportunity to start from scratch- naming, brand identity, voice, signage, collateral, website and the myriad of comprehensive branding elements a market requires.
Branding Branding
Naming Naming
Print Print
Messaging Messaging
Photography Photography
Website Website
Wild Roots Market Building
The Logo With a community of loyal clientele, creating the perfect logo for the transition was imperative. A generic off-the-shelf font just wouldn't do, so we dug deep into the earth to find the right direction. A hand-drawn logo with the perfect balance to support and complement their brand's voice was born. The locals love it, and the tourists are naturally drawn by the rustic yet modern feel-one that is 100% unique to them.
Brand Application Our goal was to create a timeless and flexible identity that would gracefully traverse every application the stores required. From apparel to bags to signage, the visuals engage and inspire the values behind everything they do.
Wild Roots tee shirt
Wild Roots business card
Wild Roots Paper Bag
Wild Roots Market Apron
Wild Roots Market produce
Wild Roots gift Card
Wild Rootstote bag
Deli meat Signs
Deli Meat Sign Deli Meat Sign Deli Meat Sign Deli Meat Sign Deli Meat Sign Deli Meat Sign
The Supporting Cast Every aspect of their physical and digital experiences needed a versatile array of supporting visuals. We sourced and customized classic illustrations with an organic, authentic feel. We also had the please of working with the amazing paintings of different root vegetables they provided. The artist just so happened to be the store manager's daughter-now that's what we call family roots.
carrot bundle icon
radish icon
carrot icon
celery root icon
lettuce icon
celery icon
pig icon
cow icon
fish icon
bison icon
chicken icon
sheep icon
garlic painting potato painting
carrot painting onion painting
Farm Landscape
The Website Fusing the digital experience with the natural world can be a challenge, but with such a solid foundation, the website fell almost effortlessly in place. With the succinct messaging in tow, the site encompassing the entirety of the comprehensive branding that led up to its creation. Curious customers not only have a place to turn to learn about the company's transition, but also to explore the latest sales, their favorite recipes and the roots that tie it all together.
Image of website layout
Farm Landscape
  • Location: Santa Cruz, Califorina
  • Project Type: WordPress
  • Platform: Shopify
  • Industry: Grocery
  • Launched: April 2018

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