Shopify Ecommerce Just Got Even Faster

If you live in San Francisco, New York, or Chicago, shipping same-day deliveries for online purchasing recently got a lot easier, cheaper and faster. Ecommerce platform Shopify and taxi-alternative Uber have partnered up to create UberRUSH- a super fast, reliable, trackable and affordable alternative to traditional shipping methods.

Customers can not only have a package picked up minutes (yes, minutes!) after it’s been ordered, but both the store owner and customer can watch as the package makes its way across the city. With this new service, Shopify and Uber may be opening more doors than they realize. UberRUSH will make last-minute orders all the more appealing to customers who might otherwise go to a brick and mortar store, while it also opens the Shopify door to businesses who offer perishable goods.

With UberRUSH, customers who live in the same city as a store can order items and get same-day deliveries picked up by an Uber driver. With their impressive network of drivers, Uber already has the perfect set-up to offer delivery services – providing extra work and money for their base of drivers, while offering an often overpriced service in big cities like San Francisco and New York.

Small Business Owners: Yet Another Great Benefit To Using Shopify

You can install the UberRUSH app via this simple prompt in your Shopify admin area. Once the app is set up, customers within a certain mile radius of your store will be able to select UberRUSH from the shipping options.

Local Orders With UberRUSH

Not only can you keep track of the order in real-time right from Shopify, but your customers can too. Same Day Delivery is a powerful tool and a big incentive for customers to buy from your store vs. a competitor’s. Why not take the opportunity to make this part of your marketing arsenal?

Customers: Take Control Of Your Shipments!

Really! It’s what you’ve always wanted. When you choose UberRUSH as your preferred method of shipping, you can leave notes about fragile packages or other delivery preferences. Upon completing your online transaction, you’ll be emailed a link to UberRUSH’s live map so you can keep track of the parcel in transit. This means no more “sorry we missed you” pink slips from the post office. You can now make those last minute online shopping decisions stress-free, knowing exactly when your doorbell will ring with that delivery.

While the service is currently limited to San Francisco, New York, and Chicago, Shopify and Uber are already looking into expanding UberRUSH to other cities.

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