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Founded in 2004, Adventure Out is Northern California's leading outdoor school specializing in surfing, wilderness survival, backpacking, rock climbing, mountain biking, and adventure retreats. They pride themselves on offering a quality, professional experience with one simple mission: to help people fall back in love with nature.
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When Nature Calls
(Not that kind of nature, silly you—always with your mind in the gutter.) Originally built in 2013, the previous website had fallen behind the times and no longer represented their wide range of outdoor activities. We loaded up our pack with all our favorite tools and changed all of that with a bespoke design, edgy graphics, and an entirely new customer experience. With the majority of the site backed by a customized WordPress CMS, they can easily keep their content updated. Their online booking system is baked right in, while we harnessed Shopify to sell their popular gift cards.
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Great Views From Sea To Summit
We helped source breath-taking photography and illustrated custom icons to represent their course offerings with instant visual cues. Their visuals support their brand's culture, tying together their key excursions. Their modern naturalistic design with custom artwork and key calls to action will inspire even the seasoned homebody to venture out into the great outdoors.
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If These Mountains Could Talk
Offering California's most adventurous outdoor courses, it was important that Adventure Out's aesthetics perfectly balanced technology and nature. We utilized mountain silhouettes and distressed elements to elicit the feeling of stepping outside as soon as you land on their page. Customers can access everything they need, right from the home page. Course-specific information? Purchase a gift certificate? Book a corporate retreat? Yes, yes, YES!
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Free Range
Those who love the outdoors are rarely indoors if they can help it. Taking extra care of their mobile visitors was a no brainer. Optimized for speed and grace, their users can choose their own adventure without missing the next killer wave, bro. Mobile First. Fast and flawless. Conversion focused. Roam-proof. Device Agnostic. We could go on, but you've got a design agency to contact about your next project.
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