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Socksmith’s a fun and lovingly-quirky brand that has won the hearts of sock enthusiasts across the globe. These are no ordinary socks—they’re warm and fuzzy in more ways than one.
Built on Shopify Plus
So, What Did We Do Exactly?
Socksmith’s world-renowned brand needed a world-class presence. Their previous Magento-based site had done them well over the years, but it didn’t exactly age gracefully. We migrated them over to Shopify Plus and decked it out with a bespoke design that fit their feet perfectly. Custom illustrations? Yep. Tasteful animation: Yep. Assistance with their content strategy: But of course!
Best Foot Forward
The new site doesn’t just sell their huge array of fun socks; it sells their story—one that’s authentic, fun and unique. No expense was spared in rolling out a new digital presence that would give them a much-deserved leg up. The new messaging and illustrations have helped to uncover the brand’s playful leanings that have always clung to their roots but now have the proper voice.
Socksmith - Shop Pages
Selling with Sole
A huge goal in the redesign, it was a necessity that the myriad of colors, styles, and designs needed to be super simple to browse through. We worked closely with their excellent team to make sure finding the perfect sock was a no-brainer. With custom-built filtering capabilities and engaging navigation, a quick stroll through the site’s massive inventory is effortless.
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Cold Feet? Psshhh.... Come On!
Santa Cruz is known for some of the best weather on California’s West Coast. But the winter’s still on the cold side come November—which just so happens to be an excellent time to get a head start on some Christmas shopping. If the weather’s got you down, you could cozy up to the fire with your favorite device without the risk of cold feet. Buying the best socks around on mobile is just as easy as on a desktop.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Santa Cruz, CA
Socksmith - Mobile
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