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Coco Loco specializes in beautiful and affordable hand-carved, organic jewelry made from all natural materials. The carving of tribal jewelry is still the livelihood of tribal peoples from all around the world, and Coco Loco aims to help sustain their culture by maintaining these forms of traditional art and adornment. Supporting over 50 artisans around the globe, we are proud to have had the chance to work with such a socially responsible and environmentally conscious company.
Built on Shopify
Hand-Carved, Organic Jewelry
Coco Loco's web presence was in need of a full revamp to enhance their customer's shopping experiences and further strenthen search engine traction. Previously the company had two sites, for retail and wholesale, which we converted into one master Shopify site. As with all of our ecommerce sites, our goal was to help increase their sales, but also to provide a fresh and engaging new user-experience for their target audience.
Coco Loco - homepage
Retail Oriented Design
Designed with efficiency in mind, we utilized modern design elements such as a large rotating banner and image based callouts to provide users with multiple channels to reach the end goal: purchasing a product. The clean new look of their site helps elevate the Coco Loco brand. At the same time, we strived to maintain an aesthetic that still speaks to their company culture and beliefs, which their existing customers know and love.
Coco Loco Interiors
Shopify With Style
The site houses both the retail and wholesale aspects in one place. This allows them to seamlessly share data and inventory, and quickly set different levels of pricing for each customer tier. The administration area saves their staff heaps of time, allowing them to quickly and easily manage products, content and customers like never before. Contrary to their previous site, they now give their customers the ability to see and learn more about each product. Finally, Shopify's simple, responsive checkout process also ensures there are no bottlenecks during any given purchase.
Coco Loco Product Page
Mobile And Modern
In the fast paced world of retail, businesses need to be able to reach all of their potential customers quickly, but with style and grace. We fully optimized Coco Loco's site to be easy to use and view on mobile devices, with smooth and simple navigation. This gives them a modern edge and provides an enjoyable user-experience to new or existing customers that visit the site on any given device.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Santa Cruz, CA
Coco Loco Mobile
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