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For 30 years DataRay has been bringing high performance beam profiling to the photonics community across the world. They continually increase the sophistication of their range beam-profiling products for an ever-discerning market.
Built on Shopify
Like many companies, DataRay has grown organically since their inception in 1988, but their branding was never something they focused on. A longtime client, we were about to embark on our third website redesign with them, and collectively decided it’d be a good time to do a brand refresh as well. We tossed out their previous logo’s off-the-shelf typeface in favor of custom lettering that invokes motion and strength. Keeping it simplistic, the word mark is underscored by a laser beam that’s punctuated with a star-like point of light. The new logo shines in both black and white, and its spectrum colored glory.
DataRay - Branding
Icons in their Space
To aid in navigating their core product categories, we put together a detailed series of illustrations. They had to be custom—you won’t find these on a free icon site, that we can promise you.
DataRay - Icons
Website Redesign
When approaching the design of their new e-commerce website, we knew Shopify was the logical choice. We set out to cut the fluff for their no nonsense customer base by clearly presenting products and their specifications. We kept the UX function-forward but never wasted the opportunity to reinforce the strength of their revitalized branding.
DataRay - Website
Hooked on Photonics
The site is far more complex than it appears, boasting geolocation functionality, wholesale B2B features, international distribution, and custom scripting where the sun don’t shine. Still, we kept the tech behind the scenes and for an effortless ride no matter the device.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Redding, CA
DataRay - Mobile
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