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Monterey Signs is an award-winning, full-service sign shop servicing all of Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Cruz Counties.
Built on Wordpress
Doubling Down
For a sign shop that takes residency in both Monterey and Santa Cruz, and two separate logos, it made sense to have a moniker that covered both individually. Because of this it also makes sense to have two sites: one for each. This not only targets the right customers in both cities but also gives them a nice big glass of SEO juice on both sites.
Monterey Santa Cruz Signs - Homepages
Signs of the Times
We encouraged them to take professional headshots of their key staff to give their potential customers a better sense of their people and their culture. Powered by WordPress, we set up a customized administration area to make keeping their portfolio updated a walk in the park.
Santa Cruz Signs Interiors
As separate sites, two separate systems give them the option to include the same exact banner images on both or swap them out so they are unique to each.
Monterey and Santa Cruz Signs
Signing Off
Two sites, a bunch of breakpoints for a handful of devices. Yeah, even Android ;)
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Monterey and Santa Cruz, CA
Santa Cruz Signs Mobile
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