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Levi Strauss & Co.

Levi's needs no introduction. It all started in San Francisco when the news of the California Gold Rush made its way east, and the rest is...history.
Built on Wordpress
Invention, Reinvented.
Yeah, they're the original, but they've also been innovating since they invented the blue jean in 1873. Despite such a rich legacy, Levi Strauss' former website was, well, a little too vintage! We wear Levi's almost every day, so it was hard not to get excited about the opportunity to collaborate with our pals at Iron Creative to code out their new designs from the cuffs up. With an ambitious timeline, we unveiled a new home for their corporate web presence just in time for their upcoming IPO.
Levis Strauss Homepage
Digital Craftsmanship
The new Levi Strauss site serves as the hub of their entire corporate identity. It's not only the backbone for their Levi's, Dockers, Denizen, and Signature brands—it's also the vehicle for their story, values, careers, investors, press, and everything in between. With a bold UX coupled with an extremely content-focused site, we opted for an entirely custom WordPress-based build. Ambitious as the timeline was, we buttoned up an ultra-responsive, pixel-perfect design that'd make Mr. Strauss himself proud.
Levi Strauss - Interiors
Riveting. Get it?
Cutting corners wasn't an option. The depth of the customer’s journey needed to present everything the company stands for to various audiences. Immersive mega-menus help visitors get to what they're after effortlessly while leading them down paths that they might not otherwise find. We employed strategic, subtle animation that never gets in the way.
Levi Strauss - Menus
Some great news – we had our first month of analytics and our traffic is AWESOME.Danielle SamaniegoSenior Manager, Digital & Social Content @ Levi Strauss
Keeping Tabs on Mobile
So where do our beloved phones hang out when they're not glued to our hands? We'd be willing to bet most of them are tucked into the millions and millions of iconic red-tabbed pockets the world over. When it came to bringing the site's clean designs to life, we went all-in to make sure every detail adapts seamlessly in today's mobile landscape. Truth be told, it's so beefed up with mobile goodness that you’d be hard-pressed to fit it all into your skinny jeans, but who wouldn't like to see you try?
LAUNCH PROJECTpinHeadquartered in San Francisco, CA
Levis Mobile and Tablet
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