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CLIQ's camping chairs can be set up in seconds, and break down to the size of a bottle. Its small size means you can take it anywhere and everywhere.
Built on Shopify Plus
Sit Back and Relax
As the most funded portable chair in crowdfunding history, their website's story is a familiar one. They set up a quick template-based site when their product originally launched so they could start taking orders, but they were never able to pay it the attention it deserved. With countless opportunities to enhance the UX and catapult conversions, they enlisted our help to fully reimagine their Shopify Plus-based website.
Cliq Chairs - Homepage
A Bundle of Joy
CLIQ's product pages aren't just a place to purchase, they're an integral part of the shopping experience. The ability to bundle the chairs is prominent and it's easy to see the discounts as you bundle up. The space below the fold was strategically built to promote benefits, provide specifications, and support the lifestyle their products afford.
Cliq Chairs - Shopping
A Portable Experience.
On the fly. At the game. Beach bumming. The vast majority of CLIQ's traffic is on mobile, largely in part to their heavy ad rotation on social media.
Cliq Chairs - Mobile
Icons with Benefits.
Clean, simple, and sparse—we didn't overthink the icons and went with a quality, not quantity approach.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Santa Barbara, CA
Cliq Chairs - Icons
Mike at CLIQ
You guys absolutely crushed it!Thank you so much on behalf of the CLIQ Team.Mike - CEO
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