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The Mountain Lion Foundation is dedicated to the preservation, conservation, and enhancement of mountain lion habitats across the continent, and has been since the 1970s. Through education and political leadership, the MLF works tirelessly to protect these remarkable creatures of the wilderness.
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The Lion’s Den
The world of mountain lions is a fascinating, somewhat misunderstood one, and it is the Mountain Lion Foundation's mission to bring that wonder and appreciation of these big cats to the world. Pulling together striking photography and clean, easy-to-digest content into a naturally thoughtful design, MLF's new face is one of professionalism and authenticity.
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Run to the Hills
Even on the hiking trails (if your service is good), MLF's site is clear and easy to navigate; making it a fun experience to learn about and admire the world of the mountain lion.
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Defined Directions
Due to the robustness and amount of information on MLF's site, having concise navigation to help visitors funnel down to the info they were looking for was a stress point. We also used their mega menus as another opportunity to show off more striking mountain lion photography.
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Content Beast
The Foundation has a lot to say about mountain lions, being the go-to site to find out everything on their behaviors, environments, and how you can help protect them. We developed a series of pages they can use to cleanly and decisively get their mission across.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Sacramento, CA
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