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Drawn by the majestic coastline of California, the crew at Lost Coast Media are all about finding the stories behind everything and tapping into endless creative possibilities.
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Lost Coat Media's journey began in 2018 when they established their base in Santa Cruz. Since then, they've been busy producing top-notch video content, from capturing the vibes of the Bay Area to diving into the scenes of Silicon Valley and Monterey Bay. And now? Well, they've expanded their horizons, partnering up with businesses and brands across the nation to share their creative flair on a broader scale.
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Pocket Perfection
When it comes to making LCM's website pop on mobile, think of it like remixing a hit song for a smaller venue. You want everything to flow smoothly and keep the crowd hooked. From easy swiping to crisp visuals, it's all about giving users a chill vibe as they browse through the filmmaker's work. With a laid-back design and screens that adjust on the fly, the mobile site becomes this rad showcase of cinematic genius, making sure every video looks epic no matter what device you're on.
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Lights, Camera, Icons
From cameras to clapperboards, every custom icon sets the vibe before you even hit play. It's all about giving visitors a quick peek into what's in store, making the whole browsing experience as smooth as a buttery ollie. So, kick back, scroll around, and let these icons guide you through a reel of cinematic wonders!
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Inside the Studio
Each page is designed to offer a new way to showcase all LCM has to offer, whether it's showcasing the latest projects or giving behind-the-scenes peeks. From sleek galleries to location-specific landing pages, it's all about creating spaces where people can explore and get inspired by the cinematic magic.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquarted in Santa Cruz, CA
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