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Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Nomad Audio is a team of audio professionals specializing in audio for video. For 15 years they've been handling audio post-production and location sound for clients like Nat Geo, HGTV, Google, Showtime, and more.
Built on Wordpress
N For Nomad
Like many small companies, when Nomad approached us about redesigning their website, their branding was inconsistent and was lacking flexibility. We designed a custom logo with a clean approach that appeals to the types of clients they work with, often in Silicon Valley. We were able to incorporate a soundwave within the mark to tie into what they do, while also reading as the letter N to compliment their name. Clean, scalable, and simple—it just works.
Nomad Audio Branding
On the Same Page
Nomad didn't need a huge site to convey what they do. TV show producers are busy, so made sense to keep it short, clear and concise. We opted to keep the clicks to the minimum with a one-page style layout that communicates their services quickly and leads them to a minimalistic contact form that's easy to fill out. Look mom, no captcha!
Nomad Audio Homepage
Popping Off
Instead of leading users away, we used user-friendly modal pop-ups to give more info while keeping them right on the page. Don't worry, search engines can still crawl all of that contentful-goodness just fine. In fact, they are ranked on the first page of Google plenty of times over.
Nomad Audio Popups
Mobile First
One-pagers are famously targeted towards mobile and a high percentage of their visitors find them on iPhones. The design is just as conducive to on-the-go browsing as it is when your bottom's in a seat—it's pretty sweet.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Scotts Valley, CA
Nomad Audio Mobile
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