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Sockshop & Shoe Company

Sockshop and Shoe Company has been an icon in Downtown Santa Cruz since 1988. Offering the best seletion of socks, shoes and accessories for comfort lovers and fashion enthusiasts alike, it's no wonder people in the community love them. Over the years their family of stores has grown with Legs, Shoeshop Haight St. and Sockshop Haight St.
Four Distinct Brands. One Cohesive Site.
We had admired them from afar for quite some time, so when Sockshop sought us out to clean house on the overall web presence of their brands, we were super excited. They have four different stores all with their own unique locations and offerings, and the goal was to build more connection and awareness for each one while retaining their unique identities. We worked with their amazing team to capture the spirit of the company, creating custom content and illustrations along the way.
Sock Shop - Brand Grid
Custom From Head To Toe
We created a set of custom icons for use throughout the fully custom website to help support their unique style and tie together their overall brand experience. A hand drawn look and feel highlights the fun and playful nature of their brand and the products they sell. We also helped them draft up headlines, content and keywords, helping to communicate their brands in a way they've never been before.
Sock Shop - Icons
Tying It All Together
Each of their store's sites were originally setup with different designs and domain names for each their brands, splintering their traffic and causing potential confusion for their users. We redesigned everything keeping it all under one roof. Now users can easily get to each store no matter where they may be, building awareness of the company at large.
Sock Shop - Screens
Crafted For Years Of Wear
Because all of their brands are housed under one umbrella, we were able to build them a custom content management solution that allows them to easily manage everything all in one place. Powered by our ever-faithful Sleepless CMS, they love being able to make updates to everything they need to with only one login. These days, who doesn't appreciate not having to login more than once? Exactly!
Sock Shop - Santa Cruz
Kickin' On Mobile
While the previous sites were responsive, they weren't optimized for mobile, making it more difficult than it should be for users to use on phones and tablets. On the new site we spared no expense in making sure every pixel is perfectly catered to an excellent mobile experience. Bounce rates are sure to go down, search engine rankings are sure to go up.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered in Santa Cruz, CA
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