Seismic Audio

For over 20 years Seismic Audio has been changing the way musicians buy their gear and have been dedicated to making the established musician sound their finest. They believe in providing great-sounding products to the musicians and organizations that need them, at the best price.
Built on Shopify Plus
More Gear. More Music.
Seismic's original move to Shopify Plus was a rushed one born out of necessity, but once they were up and running with a basic template, they sought our help to redesign everything and implement a custom theme that was built for their brand. Our goal was to create a beautiful product-forward site with unmatched bundling capabilities, and upselling opportunities at every turn. That's exactly what we did.
Seismic Audio - Homepage
Sure, the previous Seismic site displayed their products, but it didn't thoroughly explain them. We designed a robust PDP template that communicates the value of their products and their associated uses. When it comes to narrowing down their offerings, we leave the browsing to the browsers and cut straight to the chase with a complex search feature that's tied into an easy-to-use filtering system.
Seismic Audio - Interiors
Tablet Mobility
When architecting their navigation and product collection hierarchy, we made sure it translated to the mobile environment the majority of their visits are coming from.
Seismic Audio - Mobile
Innard Skynyrd
The Seismic site doesn't just tell their story, it's rich with resources and is loaded with FAQs, Buyer's Guides, and keyword-rich landing pages. The final product is built around strong SEO principles and content that delivers.
Launch ProjectpinHeadquartered Memphis, TN
Seismic Audio - Resources
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